Reimagining a Self Ordering Experience

Designing our Perfect Pizza Self Ordering App

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The Challenge

Some time ago we went to a bustling Italian restaurant in North Beach - San Francisco's Little Italy. The place was packed and throughout the meal we had to waive down the waiter for everything we wanted from requesting more water, to ordering desert, to paying the bill. What if we could improve the experience by adding a digital touch point so you could order, track, and pay right at your table, like an in- restaurant version of Uber Eats. We decided to challenge ourselves to design an interactive menu experience based on the restaurant we were sitting in - an Italian place in the capital of farm-to-table dining.

The Result

The Project

For Piccolo, we wanted an aesthetic that was simple and modern, but reflected its Italian roots. Four different concepts were created and in the end we chose to go with a design that was minimalist but warm.

The goal was to entice the sensory feeling of the user by drawing attention to the imagery. We accomplished this by making images the main focal point of the menu. With the right combination of high-quality photography, soft colors and, rounded friendly typography we landed on our final design.

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