A Fresh Take on Shared Journaling

Designing a Group Journaling Experience for Friends and Family

Project Type

Product Design

Project Length

Launch the Site

The Challenge

Staying in control of your privacy settings on social networks can be overwhelming. Waffle Founder Satoru has been exploring ways we can stay connected with a closed circle of friends and family in a more private but still fun way. He wanted to create a place to share more intimate private moments and stay connected with loved ones without having to worry about overexposing oneself.

The Result

Together, we designed a shared journal app for family and close friends. Users are encouraged to post updates so that they can unlock and view updates from other people in their group. This key interaction is inspired by traditional letter writing and is the unique selling point of Waffle. Since launching a beta version of the product we’ve been seeing great retention in the usage of the service. We believe that the psychological pull to continue to engage with the service in order to unlock friends' updates really drives people to stay engaged with Waffle.

The Project

We have an ongoing engagement with Waffle and have been working collaboratively with them as part of their design team for the past year. We have helped to shape nearly every part of the Waffle interactive experience.

“We’ve been working with Zypsy over a year. They are excellent communicators that deliver quality work as fast as if they were your own design team. When necessary they go deeper and help you polish the product philosophy and fundamental design, which is very helpful too.”

Satoru Sasozaki
CEO & Co-Founder
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