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A place to share experiences, ideas, reflections, hopes, and daily notes with those you care about.

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Instead of group chatting that needs instant attention, journaling helps us take time to think about what to share, about what really matters. Quiet and focused, Waffle allows families and friends to stay close to each other, even when they are apart.

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Founding story

Waffle founders, Satoru Sasozaki and Taishi Yamasaki, shared a problem with millions of people across the world, a feeling of being disconnected from their family and closest friends. Social media channels are no longer places to connect on a personal level with the people you love, or feel secure in doing so. They are no longer spaces to stay in touch, or share meaningful moments and memories.

Wondering how to resolve this issue, they remembered the group journals that were popular when they were growing up in Japan. These journals brought you closer to the people you loved and allowed you to better understand them.

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“We’ve been working with Zypsy over a year. They are excellent communicators that deliver quality work as fast as if they were your own design team.”

Satoru Sasozaki
CEO & Founder
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Robust Intelligence

Secure deployment of artificial intelligence

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Live environments with any code commits

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Giving remote workers the freedom to work Anyplace

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