Guiding students to their perfect-fit college

We guide students through the complexities of college admissions, all the way to their perfect-fit college and beyond.

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WeAdmit provides the highest-quality college admissions advice and personal coaching, with programs to fit every family. WeAdmit makes futures brighter.

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Founding story

Leo Sanada and Pradeep Gaddam founded WeAdmit with a single aim, to make high-quality college admissions counseling available to all.

The college admissions process is not only extremely competitive, but complex and confusing. In the past, college admissions counseling was reserved for only those who could afford its significant costs. Through affordable, leading-edge, online programs, WeAdmit is changing the nature of college admissions counseling.

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“Working with Zypsy has felt like having a whole new set of team members at WeAdmit. Dedicated and highly proactive, they are helping to drive us forward. They continue to impress us with their creative thinking and deep understanding of who we are and where we are going.”

Leo Sanada
CEO & Co-Founder
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