Our Story.
Our Mission.

Zypsy exists in support of early stage startup founders, and serves as the only eco-system of integrated talents for their brand and product design needs.


Why we started

Early stage startups are vulnerable. Many represent great promise and potential yet, majority of startups fail due to the lack of talents and expertise in the early days when it's the most critical.

All startups are evaluated on 4 elements - Product, Team, Traction, Insights. Founders are stretched thin—wearing many hats tirelessly seeking capital and talents to drive those 4 elements.

But quality agencies are out of reach and individual designers— in-house or freelance— lack the wide range of expertise needed to meet the evolving & embedded needs of a scaling company.

Zypsy was born with the belief that combining product & brand building expertise with early-stage investment principles, we can take a startup from obscurity to scale.

Who we are

Comprising a team of integrated brand and product influencers, Zypsy expertly designs to the potential of the world's next-best companies. Our formulary processes strategically guide the discovery of startup identity, as well as next-level design needs associated with embedded teams at scaling companies.

We work as an integrated team, providing startups with mainstay access to the design support essential to success—like a valued co-founder with aligned incentives and mutual commitment to growth.

Zypsy is dedicated to the success of our startup partners and the elevation of their Product Market Fit.

We believe

Great design can take a startup from obscurity to scale. From seed to series, our mission is to generate $1 billion in startup value by establishing our formulary processes and best practice modality to brand and product design.

Our honed expertise derives from the tenured, creative mindshare of accomplished founders, designers, strategists, and engineers. Our formulary Success Model intentionally and methodically applies our best practices to close the gap between expectations and results, yielding repeatable top performances and predictable outcomes.

“Working with Zypsy is a delight. The Zypsy team understands our company and products at a fundamental level. We can’t imagine a better partner on this journey.”

Matt Kim profile picture
Matt Kim
CEO & Co-Founder at Smoothie

“Working with Zypsy is a delight. The Zypsy team understands our company and products at a fundamental level. We can’t imagine a better partner on this journey.”

Matt Kim profile picture
Matt Kim
CEO & Co-Founder at Smoothie

Our team

Hailing from IDEO, Facebook, Amazon, and Microsoft, the Zypsy team reflects real-world expertise from the world’s design leaders.

Kazsa Tamai, Co-founder & CEO at Zypsy
Kazsa Tamai
Co-founder & CEO
Evin Dempsey, Co-founder & Head of Design at Zypsy
Evin Dempsey
Co-founder & Head of Design
Olivier Segers, Design Director at Zypsy
Olivier Segers
Design Director
Vivian Kim, Director of Operations at Zypsy
Vivian Kim
Director of Operations
Trisha Mitra, Director of Brand Strategy at Zypsy
Trisha Mitra
Director of Brand Strategy
Shoko Hemmingsen, Design Operations Manager at Zypsy
Shoko Hemmingsen
Design Operations Manager
Majo Puterka, Lead Visual Designer
Majo Puterka
Lead Visual Designer
Rodolpho Passos, Webflow Developer Lead
Rodolpho Passos
Webflow Developer Lead
Darek Berendt, Product Design Lead at Zypsy
Darek Berendt
Product Design Lead
Augusto Andreis, Webflow Developer at Zypsy
Augusto Andreis
Webflow Developer
Chris McCance, Copywriter & Brand Strategist at Zypsy
Chris McCance
Copywriter & Brand Strategist
Hubert Jaruzal, Senior Front-End Engineer
Hubert Jaruzal
Senior Front-End Engineer
Kevin Tayong, Content Marketer at Zypsy
Kevin Tayong
Content Marketer
Pietro Ventura, Visual Designer at Zypsy
Pietro Ventura
Visual Designer
Rafal Staromlynski, Product Design Lead at Zypsy
Rafal Staromlynski
Product Design Lead
Tomas Skarba, Visual Designer at Zypsy
Tomas Skarba
Visual Designer
Arkadiusz Bachorski, Front-end Engineer at Zypsy
Arkadiusz Bachorski
Front-end Engineer
Y Combinator
Atlantic Brige
Chapter One
Engineering Capital
Tiger Global
Bain Capital
Kleiner Perkins