Zypsy Careers

Join a global team of brand and product experts dedicated to building world-leading companies.

Global Top Talent

Build world-leading companies

We take startups from obscurity to scale by combining product and brand building expertise with investment principles. Our success comes from developing powerful brands and products and by cultivating close relationships with our clients. Our work is never a one-time thing. It's a continuous and rewarding commitment and partnership.

We grow together.

Zypsy team members reunited in Lisbon

“Zypsy has given me the opportunity to work with top global talent and gain experience in working in new emerging industries.

The whole team is always pushing me to be my best self while creating some real and irreplaceable memories, the happy ones, the bitter ones and the ones you can just never forget.”

Vivian Kim
Vivian Kim, Director of Operations at Zypsy

Our values

Our values are at the heart of everything we do, guiding every decision we make and uniting us as a team.

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Invest in talent

Work with like-minded top talent from across the world. Make your mark. Develop your skills within a collaborative and supportive environment designed to push you forward.

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Shared success

We build, grow and thrive with our clients. Their success is our success.

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Live your way

We are a fully remote company composed of international talent, bound by trust in each other and shared beliefs. Gain the freedom to design the life you want.

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Ownership & Transparency

We are self-disciplined, accountable and take ownership of every task we undertake. Clear communication leads to better performance, especially when working remotely.

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Creative excellence

Each one of us strives to deliver creative excellence. Wherever we are in the world, we make work that makes an immediate impact. Create it. Launch it. See it come to life.

Olivier Segers, Design Director at Zypsy

“Working with Zypsy has been a blast! We work with the best people the industry has to offer, and I'm humbled to be part of it.

The expertise that derives from that, is something you won't experience often. Be it working with a product designer from Poland or a Web Producer based in Japan, Zypsy has it all!”

Olivier Segers
Design Director

Our benefits


Training & educational funding

We fund team members growth and development through training and educational courses.


Health insurance

Our team's health and wellbeing is our top priority. We cover the monthly costs of health insurance to ensure each team member is fully covered.


Equipment funding

The right tools allow us to work more effectively and deliver better results. We reimburse the cost of equipment that improves work efficiency and productivity.

Work Environment

Co-working spaces

If working from home is not a practical option, we can provide you with funds so that you can secure a co-working space.


Team gifts

Receive gifts and flowers from the team in acknowledgment of significant life events, such as the birth of a little one.

Paid Time Off

Vacation, holiday & leave entitlement

Time off is essential. We offer generous holiday, vacation, parental leave and sick leave entitlement.

“Working with Zypsy has been a wonderful experience.

The ability to work closely with the best people from the industry, amazing company culture with a remote-first attitude and various projects and initiatives where you can constantly develop your skills are the things that I like the most about Zypsy.”

Hubert Jaruzal
Senior Front-End Engineer
Hubert Jaruzal, Senior Front-end Engineer at Zypsy