Introducing Design Capital


November 28, 2022


Excited to share our launch of Design Capital: an ownership-based design collective for web3 founders.

Why we started

Early-stage founders are vulnerable. Many represent great potential yet, the majority fail due to the lack of talents and expertise in the early days when it's the most critical.

Fundamentally, most early founders are evaluated on 3 things:

  • Team
  • Product
  • Traction

Founders are stretched thin—wearing many hats and tirelessly seeking capital and talents to drive those 3 elements.

But quality agencies are out of reach and individual designers— in-house or freelance— lack the wide range of expertise needed to meet the evolving & embedded needs of scaling organization.

How builders earn ownership today

Investors acquire diversified ownership by investing capital into multiple companies. Builders have to dedicate years to one organization or sign salary-based contracts with no ownership potential.

Zypsy was born on the belief that by combining product-building expertise with early-stage investment principles, we can build a structure that gives value & ownership back to those who build it.

Introducing Design Capital

Zypsy is an ownership-based design team for web3 founders.

For early-stage web3 founders, where potential is more abundant than capital, we invest our brand & product expertise in exchange for token/equity.

We work as an integrated team, providing founders favorable access to the design support essential to early-stage success.

Shared success

For our talents, we’re building a design organization that allows members to gain token/equity in exchange for their contributions, creating a system of aligned incentives & mutual commitment to a project's success.

Selective partnerships

We inhabit the startup realm and therefore respect the intense struggle of the entrepreneurial process. We form partnerships selectively and make commitments to our founders—to honor their vision and build world-class web3 brands & products.

Announcing the first season

Today, we are excited to announce our first portfolio of Zypsy's web3 partners.

1. Smoothie

Smoothie is a discover-to-earn awards platform for web3 projects Smoothie helps founders launch new web3 projects and get the distribution they need.

Team: @withmattkim, @goldenmode_eth, @enespaker, @wiktorpoltorak


2. Light

Light helps you discover new connections on the blockchain through an aggregated web3 feed.

Team: @shunkakinoki, @koide_dev, @0xOzh


3. Phi

Phi visualizes your wallet activities with metaverse objects designed by world-class pixel artists.

Team: @0xshugo, @ZkEther, @ZacK_3939, @eBoyArts, @open3x, @artoriatech,@ta2nb_mkiii, @0xOzh, @fuzuru


To celebrate our launch, we have created a campaign powered by Project Galaxy so our supporters can earn an exclusive on-chain achievement token reward.

Where we're headed

We believe that great startups are built, not discovered. Our mission is to generate $1 billion in delta value by implementing our methodology for early-stage success through brand & product design.

We will soon be opening up the application. Follow @zypsycom and stay tuned for the updates.

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