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Creating videos for social media can be a laborious and unforgiving process - from recording,  captioning, clipping, adding sound and effects. Enter Captions, an all-in-one AI powered creator studio at your fingertips. Captions is the first app to automate and streamline video creation into one intuitive, easy-to-use experience.

Zypsy partnered with Captions, building their brand strategy, identity, product and website from scratch. We were recently honoured by Awwwards for the Captions website.
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Gaurav Misra
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Dwight Churchill

Founding story

Gaurav Misra and Dwight Churchill founded Captions with a simple mission: to empower video creators and advance the generation of creative storytelling.

After launching Captions as a video captioning app, Gaurav and Dwight realized their app could do more to improve the social content landscape for creators. Through a deep understanding of the different pain points around video creation, they evolved Captions into a comprehensive solution for self-expression—eliminating the need for multiple apps and helping creators tell bigger and bolder stories, with ease.

Captions recently raised $25 million in Series B funding, led by Kleiner Perkins.
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The challenge

The Captions team turned to Zypsy to bring their new, expanded vision for Captions to life. The app already had a solid reputation among social media users, but it needed a fresh look and voice to broaden its audience and position itself as an all-in-one tool. Alongside redesigning the app, we were tasked with creating and developing a new strategy and branded assets, including a completely new website.

The solution

Working in close collaboration with Captions, Zypsy redesigned the website, with the aim of taking users step-by-step through the creative process. Tone-of-voice and messaging were carefully crafted to project the brand's vision of empowering and facilitating creative storytelling.

The website illustrates Captions different features and capabilities, in-context. The visual direction was conceived to demonstrate the capabilities of the tool, while highlighting its ease of use.
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In redesigning and building the app, we broke down the video creation process and created an intuitive user flow with the aim of giving users access to everything they need at a given moment. The Captions experience was conceived as a creative ally or superassistant, guiding the user seamlessly through each step of their creative process.  From ideation to recording, post-production and distribution, Captions removes the friction from the process so creators can focus on telling stories.
A sequence of mobile showing how captions App works

“Partnering with Zypsy was the smoothest experience I’ve had working with any design firm of any kind, ever. They far exceeded my expectations.”

Dwight Churchill