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The Cortex platform enables engineering teams to understand and improve their microservice ecosystem and to build better software at scale. Organizations around the world trust Cortex to help them increase quality, reliability and pace of development.
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Anish Dhar
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Ganesh Datta
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Nikhil Unni

Founding story

Cortex was born from their team’s experience with the problems that come from a lack of service visibility and control. From dealing with sprawling service architecture and getting paged at 3 am, to building and maintaining internal tools to handle service complexity, the Cortex team shared the pain.

Hailing from companies such as Uber and Twilio, Anish Dhar, Ganesh Datta and Nikhil Unni set out on a mission to help engineering teams foster a culture of reliability and ownership, while enabling them to focus on building better software.
A tablet with cortex website on the screen
A mobile with cortex website on the screen

The challenge

Zypsy worked alongside Cortex to develop branding that clearly communicates their unique services and commitment to quality. We were tasked with designing the observability platform from the ground up and delivering a visual and verbal identity that perfectly captures Cortex’s personality and mission.

The solution

Cortex is an intelligent platform that brings the solutions customers require together in one place. Inspired by these two core elements, the logo was designed to convey the idea of everything coming together as well as the position of Cortex as an intelligent, thinking platform. Abstracted letter Cs form around a stylized X to create an aesthetic that is simple yet layered. A core is created in the negative space at the very heart of the logo, drawing the viewer's focus.
Company Brand logo
A notebook with cortex website on the screen
A mobile with cortex website on the screen
A billboard advertising Cortex on top of a building
A notebook with cortex website on the screen
The website was designed to reflect the simple and smart solutions that Cortex provides. Short, hyper-clean copy enables visitors to quickly understand what’s on offer, while providing the chance to delve deeper into details via specific pages.

UI snippets and icons are used throughout to help visitors understand features and benefits at a glance. In designing the platform, we went to great lengths to ensure the UX and UI did justice to the simplicity Cortex affords users. Each user journey within the platform was painstakingly thought through to ensure customers can achieve their objectives as quickly and simply as possible.
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Cortex brand with shape on the background that simulate cortex logo

“Working with Zypsy was an inspiring and impactful experience. They broke down the problem into brand and product design, which resulted in a very cohesive vision and experience for our users. Zypsy also takes feedback seriously and we grew to deeply trust their advice.”

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Anish Dhar
CEO & Co-Founder