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FORMLESS is a decentralized network and digital space that empowers individuals to connect, create, collaborate and share in a multiplayer digital economy.
Brandon Thorpe photo
Co-founder / CEO
Brandon Thorpe
Jason Martin photo
Co-founder / COO
Jason Martin
Bixia Mac photo
Co-founder / CFO
Bixia Mac
Justin Zubrick photo
Co-founder / CRO
Justin Zubrick

Founding story

Founders Brandon Thorpe, Jason Martin, Bixia Mac and Justin Zubrick created FORMLESS with the belief that creativity and technology are one and the same. In FORMLESS, the team sought to build a decentralized network that would enable peer-to-peer coordination, shared ownership and the formation of communities around physical and digital property.

Free from the limitations and charges of traditional financial systems, FORMLESS was born to be a space that liberates creators from the rules that govern most forms of expression and distribution in the digital world.
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Card of Brandon Thorpe
A mobile with Formless website on the screen
A mobile with Formless website on the screen
A notebook with Formless website on the screen

The challenge

In partnering with Zypsy, the FORMLESS team set the challenge of bringing their unique offerings and vision to life. We were tasked with creating an identity that reflected the passion, power and purpose of their brand. Our role was to introduce FORMLESS to the world by telling their story of liberation and explaining how they give more power to creators.
Formless brand
A mobile with Formless website on the screen
A notebook with Formless website on the screen

The solution

FORMLESS is driven by human purpose and creativity. In creating a brand platform, with the website being the foundation, Zypsy delivered visual and written branding that places creators front and center. A coherent story was developed and delivered that clearly communicates FORMLESS's products and function to their multiple audiences. Notions of liberty, community and fairness are threaded through FORMLESS's branding, evoking the company's spirit and purpose.
A notebook with Formless website on the screen

Finding form

The design team at Zypsy drew from two sources of inspiration in creating FORMLESS’s logo. Firstly the hexagon, the universal symbol of Web3 and decentralization. Secondly, light itself, as light is without form. When researching how to bring in the notion of light, the team discovered the prism that Newton used to discover the spectrum of light. The team distilled the concept of Newton's prism to a simple triangle. In partnership, the two components come together to create a logo that represents both FORMLESS’s belief in the power of decentralization and creative freedom.
Company Brand logo
A notebook with Formless website on the screen

“FORMLESS is reshaping the music industry, which is something you don’t see everyday. Zypsy being part of that, and being able to create a memorable and unique brand, was a great experience.”

Photo of Olivier Segers, Design Director at Zypsy
Olivier Segers
Design Director
Brand Strategy

The future of the internet

Working in close collaboration with the FORMLESS team, Zypsy crafted a brand strategy built around the insight that FORMLESS not only represents the future of the decentralized economy but also the future of the internet itself. FORMLESS is a glimpse of what the future internet could be – freer, fairer and more personal.
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Visual identity

Let there be be light

FORMLESS’s visual identity was inspired by the concept of light and the brand’s focus on helping creators to be their true selves, free from constraints.

For the design, the logo was adapted into 3D animation that recurs within the website and creates an impacting, visual through-line. Rendered in semi-translucent platinum, it presents the futuristic qualities of the brand, while reflecting the multidimensional nature of modern creators. Background animations were crafted to echo the notion of personal freedom and unconstrained creativity. Vapor-like colors change as the user interacts with them, crossing the light spectrum and appearing as an aurora of human potential.  

Running alongside the conceptual branded assets, the team included authentic, human imagery, as humans drive FORMLESS. Graphs, product shots and code snippets are interlaced through the site to simply and succinctly tell the story of how FORMLESS works and what it offers creators and organizations.
A mobile with Formless website on the screen
Visual identity

Powering personal journeys

FORMLESS’s tone of voice is inspirational, uplifting and charged with possibilities. Messaging was crafted to communicate the immediate benefits of joining the community while also highlighting the ways FORMLESS enables the personal journeys of creators.

Through the website, we clearly convey to each of their audiences the ability to build connection, community, loyalty and distribution around their work.

Working with Zypsy has been a magical experience. I’m very passionate about our vision, and Zypsy exceeded even my own imagination for the evolution of our brand. Zypsy went above and beyond not only in visual design, but in the architecture of the complex information we’re aiming to convey. In addition, the execution and delivery timeline was flawless.

Brandon Thorpe photo
Brandon Thorpe
Co-founder / CEO