Brand Identity for Cybersecurity AI

Giving a face to one of the world's leading AI cybersecurity startups

Project Type

Motion Graphics

Project Length

Launch the Site

The Challenge

We collaborated with Robust Intelligence to build them a new brand identity. RI is a startup specializing in the secure deployment of artificial intelligence. Our goal was to design a trusted, modern and secure brand image.

The Result

A refined brand vision, strategy, and identity across channels, as well as a redesigned website, a sales deck and several case studies videos. Since our ongoing collaboration RI has secured funding from Sequoia and Engineering Capital.

The Project

Working collaboratively with RI, we designed and developed a brand identity that encapsulates the essence of Robust Intelligence.

The RI brand mark consists of a hexagonal shape divided into 6 segments, which create a three dimensional illusion. The hexagonal shape of the mark echoes the method by which AI recognizes and classifies images.

“Working with Zypsy is a delight. They continuously deliver incredible results at startup pace. The Zypsy team understands our company and products at a fundamental level. We can’t imagine a better partner on this journey.”

Yaron Singer
CEO & Co-Founder
Robust Intelligence
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