We integrate with promising startups across the Seed to Growth trajectory, with scalable and multidisciplinary design solutions.
Our goal for Design Capital is to get you through the first phase. This usually means getting to the point where you've built something impressive enough to raise money on a larger scale.
We’ll invest $100,000 in services with the scope defined below using a “post-money SAFE" - Simple Agreement for Future Equity.
We spend about 12 - 16 weeks embedded with your team collaborating on your product.

Brand identity

Mission, vision, core values, brand personality, visual identity, design systems


Hypothesis, positioning, go to market

Digital product design

UX/UI design, prototyping


Website introducing your product or service

Deck templates & launch collaterals

Pitch deck and launch collaterals fully integrated with your brand
Design is not a single skillset.
‍It takes a process-oriented team of embedded experts to effectively navigate each stage of product iteration.
Zypsy delivers agile expertise to help you scale, eliminating resource-intensive hiring, onboarding, and management, as well as the skillset limitations of individual in-house designers.
From your first design hire to your fifth, we meet your multidisciplinary design needs at every stage of the startup spectrum.

Core team


Creative direction, brand development, design ops management

Digital product designer

UI/UX design

Product manager

Roadmapping, prioritization, research, analysis, iteration, deployment

Extended team

Brand strategist

Brand identity, positioning, mission, vision, core values, go-to-market strategies

UX researcher

User interviews, UX audit, usability testing

Graphic designer

Brand assets, graphics contents, presentations


Illustration, brand assets


Brand photography, production


Brand copy, taglines, verbal identity

Front-end Engineer

HTML/CSS, JS, React, API integration

“Partnering with Zypsy was the smoothest experience I’ve had working with any design firm of any kind, ever. They far exceeded my expectations.”

Dwight Churchill
Dwight Churchill
CEO & Co-Founder