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DeStore is a DAO-governed retail store that issues membership via NFT and grants its community the right to vote on the store's direction.
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Datz Itsuki Daito
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Founding story

Inspired by the possibilities of decentralized ownership, founders Datz Daito and Shin Nakagawa set out on a mission to turn the retail industry on its head. The pair seek to deliver a new era of dApp-powered retail—an era where consumers have the power to shape the future of brands, and community building occurs organically through community action.
DeStore window shopDeStore window shop
Outdoor with DeStore advertising

The challenge

​​Many new retail stores struggle to profit within their first two years due to a lack of community building. Established brands are exploring physical retail channels to navigate the rising costs of acquiring customers online. With these key problems in mind, the DeStore team developed an entirely new approach to running retail stores— one born on the blockchain but brought to life in the physical world.

DAO inspired. DAO owned. DAO run. The team employed the structure and philosophy of a DAO to create a system whereby communities of owners share decision-making and collaboratively agree on a retail store's direction. Ownership is gained by purchasing an NFT, following a strict vetting process. Owners then receive the right to vote on the store's direction, such as which products to stock, when to distribute profits, and how to make improvements. Members of the community can use the DeStore dApp to stay on top of in-store activity via live stream, check performance, and view and vote on the DOA's lasted proposals.

DeStore partnered with Zypsy to create branding that would capture their community-driven mission and philosophy, and introduce their audience to new retail. We needed to make the worlds of web3 and retail collide to deliver a website that was as unique as DeStore’s solution.

The solution

At the heart of DeStore is the idea of a new type of retail, empowered by community and shared ownership. Each member is given the key to the building and a seat at the table. Building on the concept of keys, we designed a range of NFTs representing the different value tiers. Each key incorporates the DeStore logo and is beautifully rendered in a Minecraft-like style. The branding mechanism of the key is again used on the website—produced as a vivid and memorable 3D animation.
DeStore Brand logo
DeStore shopping bag
With a focus on simplicity and elegance, our design team drew inspiration from the world of fashion to create a unique font that is editorial in style but feels equally web3. Linking back to DeStore's passion for fashion, the font would feel right at home on the cover of Harper's Bazaar or Vogue. Throughout the website, our design uses negative space to heighten the minimal, fashion-like aesthetic, while flashes of pastel colors produce a sense of warmth and invitation. To convey the brand's position as a physical rather than an online outlet, imagery of their stores and their locations were used throughout the homepage and brought to life through dynamic animations.
A person unboxing a DeStore pack
In designing the logo mark, the team again reflected upon the notion of a physical store born from digital means. To represent the collision of retail and web3, the letter D was abstracted in digital style, but formed to create the appearance of a shop window. Like DeStore, the logo represents the coming together of two worlds and the emergence of something altogether new.
DeStore boxesDeStore boxes
A notebook with DeStore website on the screenA notebook with DeStore website on the screen

The impact

Upon opening, the physical DeStore generated a flurry of media activity and public interest. Featured by media outlets from Bloomberg to Yahoo, New Retail has captured people’s imagination and demonstrated the desire for a new way of running retail shops.

With new members joining the community daily, the appetite for shared ownership is growing fast.

“Zypsy is the best design team I’ve ever collaborated with, given their exceptional quality, capability, and understanding of our situation. I have no hesitation in recommending them to all founders in need of top-notch design services.”

Datz Itsuki Daito