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Release is the first and only brand to deliver Environments as a Service (EaaS). By doing so, they are vastly streamlining development processes, and enabling their customers to build better software, faster.
Co-founder & CEO
Tommy McClung
Erik Landerholm
David Griffin
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Founding story

For the past 20 years, Release’s co-founders, Tommy McClung, Erik Landerholm and David Griffin, have been starting companies and building scalable infrastructure. Having founded CarWoo! (YC s2009, acquired by TrueCar) and worked for formidable brands, such as Etsy, the trio set out on their next venture with volumes of experience behind them.

The best ideas change the world and the way we live. Release was born from a desire to enable teams to build better software, faster.

The challenge

Zypsy worked side-by-side with Release to develop and hone a brand identity and personality that gave the show-stopping features and benefits of their service the attention they deserve, while presenting them in an easy-to-understand and welcoming manner.

Together, we navigated and found solutions to problems, such as explaining a totally new kind of service powered by technology that can confuse even the most seasoned devs. For over two years, Zypsy has partnered with Release to develop branding and messaging to meet the needs of their evolving offerings and ambitions.

The solution

Inspired by Release’s mission is to enable developers to deliver products and features faster, the logo takes the form of an arrow. Another arrow is formed in the negative space. Both arrows come together to project the idea of continuously moving forward.
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Two mobiles with the Zuplos website on the screen
Release is an entirely new service category, meaning educating their target audience was essential. Each section was written and designed to give a succinct and understandable explanation of the nature and benefits of Relase, while providing the opportunity to dig deeper and learn more.
From the very beginning of our discussions with the Release team, it was clear that representing their personality and sense of humor was critical. Design-wise, we worked with the Release team on concepts that played with the notion of environments. Animal characters were added throughout the site to link back to this idea in a fun and memorable way. A unique tone of voice was developed for the brand, along with messaging that is clear and informative but often fun. A great example of this is the use case page, where developers' pain points are brought to life through comic descriptions that reflect the real issues they face daily.
Release app feature
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“Zypsy is an incredibly dedicated partner and we love how they have brought our brand to life. Their super collaborative approach has allowed us to achieve goals extremely quickly.”

Tommy McClung
CEO & Co-Founder