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As simple as a screen recorder and as powerful as browser developer tools, Replay provides the unparalleled ability to understand software. Record, collaborate and inspect. Through time travel debugging, users can understand the state of their software at any point in time.
Jason Laster
Brian Hackett
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Founding story

Replay’s founders, Jason Laster and Brian Hackett, believe that people can only understand what they can see. If you cannot see what your software is doing, you cannot understand it. Through Replay, the pair set out to make software easier to understand, whether you are writing your first application or challenging what’s possible.

From research and development at Mozilla to changing the way people think about software development, the journey has been long and hugely rewarding. With Replay, software development is faster, more accessible, more inclusive and more exciting.

The challenge

Replay is a unique product built on technology that genuinely feels like magic. To accurately tell the story of Replay as a product and brand, Zypsy worked in extremely close collaboration with the Replay team. Learning and investigating at every step, we worked hand-in-hand to distill Replay’s powerful benefits into a simple, yet powerful, story.

The solution

Inspired by the video-based nature of the product, Replay’s logo is constructed of three play button-like triangles. Another triangle is formed in the negative space, which points in the opposite direction and reflects the action of replaying.

Replay genuinely feels magical to users. The branding needed to match that magic. Striking three-dimensional orbs run throughout the website, providing a futuristic aesthetic to match the futuristic qualities of Replay. The hero video was core to explaining how Replay works. Together with the Replay team, we broke down the complexity and created a simple and powerful demonstration of Replay in action.
Replay logo
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Replay's messaging and tone of voice were painstakingly crafted to explain the unique qualities of a truly unique product, while projecting the brand's character. Through each section of the website, we went to great lengths to ensure we were explaining the product in a way that visitors could easily relate to and understand.

Conveying Replay's mission and vision was also crucial. In response, we created messaging across the site that presents the value and purpose of Replay as a vehicle for collaboration and education.
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“I just want to thank everyone for the hard work. It’s incredible how well I got to know your team working so closely with each other. I could not think more highly of all of you and the brilliant work you do.”

Jason Laster
CEO & Co-Founder