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What is Seaplane?

Seaplane delivers a planet-wide software platform that allows companies to run their whole application stack globally, wherever and whenever their users need it. With Seaplane, companies can build and scale apps globally without the pain of managing cloud infrastructure.

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Founding story

Cloud services are constantly expanding, but managing those services is growing exponentially more complex. Seaplane’s founder, Niall Dalton, is on a mission to simplify the cloud so developers can focus on what matters most: building their applications.

Niall and his international team believe that public clouds are vital utilities that should be easy to manage and access. Whether it’s running a simple website or an application that needs 10 petaflops of compute within 10 milliseconds of every end-user on the planet, Seaplane is bringing the joy back to makers everywhere.

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The challenge

Managing cloud complexity and scaling apps has made developers’ lives hard. Seaplane’s platform enables companies to deploy within a single global zone, auto-scale to match global user demand, and remove the pain of managing cloud infrastructure. Zyspy and Seaplane worked closely together to create a brand strategy, identity and assets that clearly communicate what makes Seaplane so different, while bringing their unique mission, vision and values to life.

The solution

Working in close collaboration with the Seaplane team, we developed a visual and verbal identity that clearly communicates Seaplane's empowering benefits and mission.

Conceptualized and developed by the Zyspy team, the logo was inspired by how the platform connects services, the natural form of a flock of birds and a plane's silhouette. These influences come together to project the liberating qualities of Seaplane's service. The striking central mechanism of the globe was designed and is used throughout the website to visualize ways in which Seaplane solves problems for its users.

Seaplane's messaging is crafted to be simple and digestible, while speaking directly to the pain points developers face daily. Punchy headlines convey Seaplane's solutions, delivered in a unique tone of voice that reflects the mission to make developers' lives easier. Descriptions are lean and to the point, giving the reader the essential information they require as efficiently as possible.

Our continuous collaboration spans the website, documentation and social media assets.

“We’ve been working with Zypsy over a year. They are excellent communicators that deliver quality work as fast as if they were your own design team.”

Tommy McClung
CEO & Co-Founder
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