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There was an opportunity to create a space that eased the anxieties that arise from current social media platforms, which work towards satisfying businesses over the user. The Spam App team turned to Zypsy to create an identity and brand assets that feel effortless but revolutionary amongst competitors. Spam App exists as the next chapter of social sharing online. It’s a place where people can finally feel free to post what they truly want.
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Guarav Misra
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Dwight Churchill
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Founding story

Guarav Misra and Dwight Churchill founded Spam App with a simple mission: to create a healthier social media app — one that's free from the pressure of traditional social media and makes it easy to share real memories with friends.

Noticing the rise of alt accounts across TikTok and Instagram, the founders knew these spam accounts were reigniting what made social media so good to begin with: real moments, real expression and no judgment. Inviting thousands of Gen Z early adopters to work with them, Guarav and Dwight set about creating a social media app that would give control back to the user.

Spam App removes the complexity standing in the way of real moments, so all the user has to do is capture and share.

The challenge

Connecting with friends online should be fun, but, social algorithms are gamed to reward branded content and perfecting the online persona. Authenticity is lost more than ever and the younger generation is left struggling to find their voice on any platform.

Spam App creates a space online where friends can share authentic and lasting images with each other, without the pressure of public likes, comments, or trends. Our challenge was to help build an experience and write new rules to social media in an intuitive and easy-to-understand way.

The solution

The dynamic Spam App logo was inspired by fingerprints and the letter ‘S’. This direction reflects the humanistic touch of the platform’s content. Since there’s no pressure to post any specific type of content, the entire experience is highly personalized. It’s all about posting your way.

Big, bold and BS free, Spam App’s design aesthetic mirrors the lives of its Gen Z audience. All caps. No caps. Loaded with emoticons. We helped craft a unique tone of voice and brand image that reflects the users’ world. Spam Apps voice is the voice of every user.
Spamapp logo
IOS app icon for Spamapp
Phones presenting the mobile version of Spamapp website
Phones presenting the spamapp website mobile version

App Development
& Design

Simple, intuitive, bold and inviting, the application was developed by the talented team at Spam App. On board as consultants throughout development, the Zypsy team worked in close collaboration to help refine and guide the direction of design.

How does it work?

Spam App is super simple, personal and intuitive. Tap the shutter button once to take a photo or multiple times to take a selection. Tap the ‘X’ icon to cancel a photo. Hit the paper airplane icon to instantly share your photo with your friends. Access your ‘Spam List’ to view your friends and add new ones to your list. Only people added to your ‘Spam List’ can see your posts.
Ecological bag with Spamapp brand


In true Gen Z fashion, Spam App went viral on Twitter and TikTok. Garnering attention as a ‘non-toxic social media app that works like an instant camera’.

Spam App reached #3 on the App Store following redesign and rebranding.
Homepage design of Spamapp website

“Partnering with Zypsy was the smoothest experience I’ve had working with any design firm of any kind, ever. They far exceeded my expectations.”

Dwight Churchill
CEO & Co-Founder
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