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Spice AI

Spice AI delivers enterprise-scale web3 data and AI infrastructure in a fraction of the time to build in-house and at a fraction of the cost. With Spice.xyz, the brand's core product, developers can query blockchain data using simple SQL in seconds, and fetch results in JSON or Apache Arrow for easy use with apps, machine learning, or libraries. The Spice AI team is currently hard at work developing the Spice AI platform and Spice.ai OSS.
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Luke Kim
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Phillip LeBlanc
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Founding story

Co-founders Luke Kim, CEO, and Phillip LeBlanc, CTO, founded Spice AI to leverage the power of AI/ML in order to help developers build the next generation of apps. By doing so, they will achieve their vision of making life-enriching data and AI-driven technology faster to produce and readily available for all.

Before founding Spice AI, Luke was the founding manager and co-creator of Azure Incubations at Microsoft, where he led cross-functional engineering teams to create and develop technologies like Dapr. Prior to founding Spice AI, Phillip was both an engineering manager and IC working on distributed systems at GitHub and Microsoft. Phillip has contributed to services developers use daily, including GitHub Actions, Azure Active Directory, and Visual Studio App Center.
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Image of a iphone with the SpiceAi site on the screenImage of a iphone with the SpiceAi site on the screen
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The challenge

Spice AI engaged Zypsy to work in partnership to develop a powerful brand strategy and platform that would expertly communicate their unique purpose and promise.

The team at Spice AI is forging new ground, and the complexity involved in their tech can confuse even the most seasoned devs. We needed to tell the story of their products and benefits in a crystal clear and impactful way. It’s an exciting brand driven by people working hard to bring the power of blockchain and AI/ML to the world. It was our role to help Spice AI capture that excitement and inspire potential customers and candidates.

The solution

Drawing from Spice AI’s mission to enable developers to create the next generation of data and AI-driven apps, the logo was designed to represent the unification of data and AI. Linked squares, representing converging data and connected communities, form around the logo’s center point. A solid square at the heart of the logo projects the idea of AI as the point where everything comes together.
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Vibrant and inviting, from the color scheme to the code snippets, each design element was developed to convey Spice AI’s position as a pioneering brand driven by unique technology. Each section of the Homepage is accompanied by UI examples and samples of actual code that clearly illustrate the story of Spice AI’s far-reaching benefits.
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The strategy and messaging were created to powerfully and clearly express the nature and value of Spice AI’s offerings. Website sections were conceived and developed to achieve a variety of objectives. For example, a widget was included to demonstrate and prove the speed of querying blockchain data. To explain the multiple ways Spice.xyz delivers greater value at lower costs than the other solutions, we created a comparison chart. The chart enables visitors to get the info they require at a glance. Spice AI’s tone of voice was crafted to be clear, concise, and inspirational, particularly when talking about the communities they empower and the possibilities they unlock.
A shopping bag with Spice AI logoA shopping bag with Spice AI logo
A notebook with Spice AI website on the screen