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Everyone has access to data but few know what exists, what’s trustworthy and how to use it. Stemma’s data catalog makes finding reliable data easy and offers businesses an always up-to-date view of their data’s usage at any time.
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Mark Grover
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Dorian Johnson

Founding story

Stemma was born from co-founders Mark Grover and Dorian Johnson’s experience with data problems in their previous jobs. At Lyft, Mark saw data users wasting 25-30% of their time understanding what data exists, what can be trusted and how to use it. With no existing solution, Mark co-created the open-source data catalog, Amundsen, to great success and wide adoption.

Building on Amundsen’s success, through Stemma, the pair are delivering a truly modern and fully managed data catalog to organizations everywhere.
Company website on a notebook screenCompany website on a notebook screen

The challenge

Initially, Zypsy worked with Stemma from the foundational brand development stage through to launching their multifaceted website. In our ongoing collaboration, we have been charged with capturing and conveying Stemma’s unique brand personality and value through various visual and verbal brand assets.

The solution

Stemma's striking logo was designed to represent the continual, smooth and ordered movement of data that Stemma enables. For the website's visual design, we developed a dot-based concept with multiple dots representing data groups and dots in motion representing the continuous ebb and flow of data.
Company Brand logo
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Stemma is on a mission to empower organizations by enabling trust in data. We crafted messaging that not only clearly communicates the benefits and value Stemma offers businesses but educates them as to the importance of the solutions Stemma provides.

Each section gives added context to drive home the importance of trustworthy data. The tone of voice was developed to be direct, empathetic and clear to reflect the spirit of the brand. From the interactive demo to the case studies, each brand asset we have created has been informed by the strategy we forged in partnership.
Comapny logo on a mobile screenComapny logo on a mobile screen

“Zypsy did a phenomenal job on our branding. They are hard working, high quality team and I would work with them again in a heartbeat.”

Mark Grover
CEO & Co-Founder