Powering the next Iteration of the Internet

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web3mine is a web3 infrastructure designed to safely and securely store humanity’s most crucial data by enabling its members to earn high yields by staking into the best storage providers in the Filecoin ecosystem.
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Vukašin Vukoje

Founding story

web3mine was founded by Vukašin Vukoje, who brings a wealth of experience as a founder and serial entrepreneur (AltLabs, Protocol Labs, Instafamous), advisor, and investor.

Passionate about entrepreneurship, product development, and ecosystem growth, Vukašin created web3mine with a vision to empower people to support projects and initiatives they believe in, while responding to an exponentially growing demand for data storage.
Web3mine website on a computer screen

The challenge

web3mine aspires to power the next iteration of the internet. The founding team engaged Zypsy as their brand partner to bring their vision to life with a brand and visual identity that captures this ambition. Zypsy was also tasked with building a website that could captivate both token stakers and storage providers in one unified experience.

The solution

Determined and aspiring at its core, web3mine was in need of an identity that could represent its central themes - the blockchain, liquidity pool, and data storage - and their potential.

Organic approach

Zypsy opted for a modular logo that serves as a visual representation of the web3mine ecosystem. Within it, we highlight the interactions between liquidity and data storage happening over the blockchain. The logo is cohesive with the Filmine logo, creating a direct link between the web3mine ecosystem and the protocol over which it’s based.
Web3mine Brand logo
Web3mine product on a phone screenWeb3mine product on a phone screen

“Teaming up with web3mine has been a great and visually fulfilling experience.

Giving 3D the spotlight has turned this brand into a playful, bold, and utterly unforgettable branding.”

Olivier Segers
Design Director
Visual identity


In crafting together web3mine’s visual identity, we used the logo as a starting point to establish consistency and extend our core visual concepts to every touchpoint.

The moving forms on the website represent the liquidity pool - a collection of moving parts in the ecosystem that work synergistically to store humanity’s most crucial data
Web3mine and filmine logos
Web3mine product on a tablet screen
Web3mine product image
Web3mine product image
Verbal Identity

Powering the next iteration of the internet

The copy and messaging are purpose-driven, echoing an underlying ambition that unites members in the ecosystem: store humanity’s most crucial data and power the next iteration of the internet. Users are consistently reminded of their role and larger objective within web3mine. Bold call-to-actions encourage members to play their part in advancing a new era of decentralized data storage.
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