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A whole new kind of database management, CrystalDB simplifies operations with a self-managing infrastructure that scales with companies' ambitions and keeps them focused on the work that matters most.
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founder / CEO

Founding story

Founder Johann Schleier-Smith is on a mission to automate everything complicated about the cloud and the systems software that runs on top of it.

With CrystalDB, Johann and his team are applying their mission to the transformation of database management – helping developers and organizations build freely, scale infinitely, sleep well at night, and get products to market faster. Delivering self-managing serverless PostgreSQL, CrystalDB automates everything complicated about running PostgreSQL and delivers the power of the cloud — without the difficulty.

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The challenge

Working in close collaboration with the team at CrystalDB, Zypsy set about the challenge of bringing the unique benefits of the product to life and telling the story of how it can make a positive impact for developers and businesses. As with any product that has never been seen before, constructing a clear and concise narrative around its points of differentiation was essential.

In terms of brand building, the team at Zypsy was to develop a visual and verbal identity that communicates CrystalDB’s unique position within the market and mission.

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The solution

Zypsy collaborated closely with CrystalDB to develop a brand strategy focused on differentiating their products and services from all that has come before. With the website forming the brand foundation, our team crafted a story that conveys CrystalDB’s unique, AI-powered offerings and communicates the myriad ways they liberate developers — allowing them to focus on the work that matters most.

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Crystal clear

Inspired by the brand's name and the multi-dimensional nature of the product, our team developed a logo that creates a visual link to the brand, while simultaneously presenting CrystalDB as a north star for developers and organizations.
Company Brand logo

“CrystalDB makes my life easier as a Fullstack Engineer. With AutoDBA, I no longer worry about intricate Postgres configurations and can effortlessly scale my databases.

The seamless experience with their team, who clearly articulated their needs, made our collaboration flawless. Their engineering approach enables us to polish every detail of code to the last bit.”

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Arkadiusz Bachorski
Front-end Engineer
Brand Strategy

Putting databases on autopilot

Core to the brand strategy we developed with CrystalDB is the product’s “Self-managing serverless PostgreSQL” positioning. Driven by AI and automation, CrystalDB is distinct in delivering simplified, self-managing databases that liberate developers and organizations from the complexity of database management, scale with their ambitions, and allow them to focus on the work that adds value to their businesses.

Mission and vision statements and brand values were crafted alongside the positioning statement to form the foundation for CrystalDB’s brand identity. Each of these key brand pillars informed the decisions we made regarding written and visual communications.

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Visual identity

Lighting up database management

Our team developed a bold design system for CrystalDB that is a far cry from what is usually seen within the database space. Brought to life in luminous purple, the logo is used as a design mechanic throughout the website. Above the fold, interconnected crystals come together to reflect the connected and automated nature of the product, with a single glowing crystal drawing focus. By incorporating the logo into the overall design of the site, the team have created a recurring link that constantly recalls the brand in visitors’ minds.

To tell the story of how CrystalDB is transforming database management, our design team crafted eye-catching graphics, code snippets, icons, and graphs. Each element is part of a unique visual ecosystem and operates to explain features and benefits as simply as possible.

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Verbal identity

Liberating developers

With CrystalDB, developers and organizations never need to worry about their databases. Our team developed a tone of voice and verbal identity that captures and communicates the simplicity and peace of mind that cannot be found with traditional database services. CrystalDB allows users to do less, so they can do more.

Throughout the website, we tell the inarguably persuasive story of CrystalDB and how their products can be transformative for businesses. Benefits-driven headlines carry an inspirational quality, while clearly expressing the many ways the product helps developers and organizations. Messaging was crafted to explain to differing user types how CrystalDB aids them on their journeys. Subpages were created to take visitors on a deep dive into the product and to offer detailed explanations of what makes CrystalDB so different from current database services.