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Zuplo is serverless API Management, designed for developers. Zuplo helps developers ship a public API in record time by taking care of the boring but necessary things, like authentication and rate limiting, that every public API needs. Today, Zuplo is handling over 1.5 billion API requests per month, supporting API-first engineering teams of 5-50.
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Josh Twist
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Nathan Totten

Founding story

CEO, Josh Twist, and CTO, Nate Totten, believe that developers can do more by doing what they love, using their coding superpowers to deliver better products. With Zuplo, the pair set out on a journey to make developers' lives easier, while empowering them through access to tools that fit their workflow and allow them to build better products faster.

Industry veterans, the pair have brought bags of experience to Zuplo, acquired from working in central management and development roles at companies including Facebook, Auth0, Stripe, Microsoft, and Salesforce.
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The challenge

Designed for developers, Zuplo reduces the complexity around developing software and allows them to work with familiar tools every step of the way. With Zuplo, devs can be up and running in two minutes, easily dive into code to solve problems, and deploy everywhere, without worrying about managing infrastructure. By reimagining the end-to-end developer experience, Zuplo allows customers to move faster, save time, and reduce costs.

Zypsy worked in tight collaboration with Zuplo to create a brand platform and website that reflects the powerful ways in which they are enabling development teams. In unison, we explored and assessed the best ways to bring Zuplo’s unique value and personality to life.

The solution

Core to Zuplo is their mission of enhancing the developer experience, enabling devs to focus on the code that matters and on solving the problems that will lead to better products. The brand strategy and written and verbal identity needed to reflect both the simplicity of their solutions and the possibilities that they unlock. The Zuplo team felt strongly about conveying a brand personality that mirrored the team’s spirit – bold, bright, inviting, and a little playful.
Company Brand logo
The Zyspy design team developed a logo that draws from and encapsulates the brand’s love for coding. Set on a vibrant pink, the input and output characters come together to form a striking zed in the negative space. The code inspiration runs throughout the design, with abstracted versions of the code characters taking life as 3D graphics constructed of vivid gradients of color. The tone of voice and messaging is crafted to clearly explain the value Zuplo offers developers, while being punchy and fun.

Copy speaks to the many pain points that developers feel, and that Zuplo overcomes. From developing video demos and an interactive widget to creating content to demonstrate the scale of requests that Zuplo is managing, the website consists of a series of solutions tailored to the Zuplo team's needs.
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