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Zeet is a platform that centralizes operating services, apps and infra giving teams the ability to provision and manage resources through reusable templates. Zeet is used by SREs, DevOps, and Devs at startups and growing enterprises.
Photo of Johnny Dallas, CEO of Zeet
Johnny Dallas

Founding story

Working at startups since the age of fourteen, Zeet’s founder and CEO, Johnny Dallas, has built an enviable portfolio of achievements — from rising through the ranks of Bebo, moving from intern to Director of Operations in a few short years, to becoming a founding member of Twitch’s Mobile Games Strike Team.

With Zeet, Johnny sought to create the go-to platform for building and running cloud-native apps. Zeet was born to enable developers to build and deploy their most ambitious projects with ease.
A notebook with Zeet website on the screen

The challenge

Zeet allows developers to bypass the complexity involved in operating services, apps and infrastructure by centralizing everything they need. By placing the tools and technology required to build and deploy faster and smarter within arms reach, Zeet accelerates development by reducing costs and the time it takes to bring new offerings to market.

Zeet engaged Zypsy to partner in bringing their brand to life. We were tasked with crafting a visual and verbal identity that perfectly reflects the power of their products and the spirit of their company.
A mobile with Zeet website on the screenA mobile with Zeet website on the screen

The solution

Core to our challenge was building a brand that could uphold Zeet’s developer-first approach, but also connect with and appeal to start-up founders and enterprise leaders.

From the outset, the Zypsy team knew that to brand and position Zeet effectively, we needed to mold a strategy and identity that would leverage two pivotal elements — the all-encompassing nature of the service and the possibilities that it unlocks.

Aquatic experience

The octopus provides the perfect visual metaphor for describing the nature of Zeet: a centralized hub where each strand of the complexity involved in DevOps is managed, maintained and simplified. Each tentacle represents one of the multiple services that Zeets provides.
Company Brand logo

Zeet, the easiest and fastest

Mission, vision and position statements were crafted by working in close collaboration with the Zeet team. By listening and learning from Zeet, we were able to develop statements that would act as guiding lights for understanding and cementing where they are now, where they are going next and who they are as a brand.

Key messaging was developed to promote Zeet as the easiest and fastest way to unlock and leverage the utility and possibilities of development platforms.

Zeet spans a vast range of users and use cases. We considered Zeet's eclectic audience when developing the website's information architecture, with multiple landing pages created and tailored to the needs and wants of each user type.

“Our central challenge on Zeet was building a brand that could stay true to the company’s “developer-first” origins while providing a foundation to grow and evolve into start-ups and enterprises.

The website needed to speak to application developers, founders, and enterprise leaders in one unified experience.”

Trisha Mitra-Feist
Director of Brand Strategy
Visual identity


The team looked once more to the octopus metaphor when designing the site. A single green tentacle playfully connects each section of the landing pages, as Zeet connects multiple services and stages of development.

UI and code snippets are used throughout the site to demonstrate and easily convey the multitude of features and benefits that Zeet offers.
A laptop displaying Zeet website on the screen
Verbal Identity

A cloud companion for your ambitious projects

Zeet’s tone of voice was crafted to mirror their purpose and ability to help developers fulfill their ambitions. Empowering messaging relating to building faster, smarter and easier spans the length and breadth of the website, presented in headlines and body copy. Zeet’s verbal identity embodies their can-do attitude with language that is always upbeat and inspirational.
Zeet app displayed on a mobile screenZeet app displayed on a mobile screen
A mobile with Zeet website on the screenA mobile with Zeet website on the screen