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A rental platform tailored to digital nomads, Anyplace frees remote workers from the chains of traditional living options by delivering turn-key housing options all over the world. No long-term leases. No buying or moving furniture. No endless screening processes. No landlords. Just dependable and hassle-free living designed to meet their every need.
Steve Satoru Naito photo
Steve Satoru Naito
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Kouichi Tanaka
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Founding story

Like millions of people across the world, Anyplace’s founders, Steve Satoro Naito and Koichi Tanaka , were fed-up with renting: stressed-out by the hassle and worry, the ceaseless paperwork and shackle-like commitments.

One day, the solution came to them: a way to navigate the clutter and complexity of traditional renting. Imagine you could live, rent and move more freely, as easily as checking-in and out of a hotel. What if you could have safe and secure service, without the chains of long-term commitment?
Anyplace was born.
A tablet with Anyplace site on screen
A mobile on the login section of Anyplace websiteA mobile on the login section of Anyplace website

The challenge

Zypsy worked in close collaboration to expand and develop Anyplace’s branding and to bring their story of liberation and new possibilities to life. We were tasked with building a brand platform that fully captured the powerful value and benefits that Anyplace provides to remote workers, while capturing and reflecting the brand’s spirit and mission.
A tablet with Anyplace site on screen

The solution

For the website, a unique tone of voice and messaging was crafted to convey the spirit of adventure and discovery that drives Anyplace as a brand. Through design, we sought to not only help visitors quickly discover the right accommodation for them but also to give them frequent glimpses of lifestyle possibilities and freedom that Anyplace enables.

Authentic, destination-centric imagery and lifestyle-oriented, bespoke illustrations run throughout the site. Visuals of deconstructed maps highlight the idea of exploration – the DNA of Anyplace.
Three mobile with Anyplace website on screen
Functionality and great UX were essential in designing the website and the app. Snapshots of available accommodation are immediately visible, enticing users to dig deeper and demonstrating suitability for remote working.

Users are able to delve into finite detail via filters when choosing their accommodation to ensure that they discover their perfect place, in their ideal destination. Simple but deep, the app was designed to guide users as easily as possible on their journey from exploration, to discovery, to the door of their dream home from home.
Anyplace map showing price for rentalAnyplace map showing price for rental
A tablet with Anyplace site on screen

“Zypsy worked on our branding and design as if they were our in-house design team.”

Satoru Steve Naito photo
Satoru Steve Naito
CEO & Co-Founder