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Firstcard is a banking service designed for students. Unlike traditional banking options, Firstcard is easy to use, doesn’t charge fees and rewards users by enabling them to save on things they love.
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Kenji Niwa
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Founding story

Kenji Niwa founded Firstcard in 2020 to help students save while supporting the small businesses they love.

Traditional banking options do not meet the needs or fit into the lives of busy students. Kenji set off on a mission to remedy this problem by providing a banking service that is designed for students and reflects their unique values. A service where technology offers greater flexibility while also delivering meaningful rewards. With zero fees, stress-free security and cashback rewards at the campus businesses students love, Firstcard enables them to live their best college life.
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The challenge

Firstcard revolves around and reflects the lives of busy students. Zypsy worked closely with Firstcard to create and develop a brand image that captures the power of Firstcard's offerings and presents their core values. Working closely with the Firstcard team, we were tasked with redesigning the website and app to capture the spirit of the Firstcard brand: inviting, accessible and rewarding.

Firstcard is not only an easier way for students to manage their finances but is also their ticket to greater control and personal freedom.

The solution

A unique tone of voice and messaging was crafted to reflect the empowering and inviting nature of the brand. Copy is clean and punchy, written in a language the young target audience understands. Each sentence and paragraph clearly explains the purpose and promise of the app and the freedom it enables.

Mission-centric messaging communicates the opportunity to support and connect with the local businesses they love.
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Human-centric, authentic imagery is used throughout, making it clear that the students themselves are in a position of power when it comes to Firstcard – they are the stars of their journey. Bright pastels form the brand color palette, conveying energy and drawing influence from the social platforms students inhabit. By working in close collaboration with the Firstcard team, we were able to design and build an app that is simple and liberating. In seconds, users can see and track their finances and rewards.
Straightforward and smooth UX ensures they can do whatever they need to do quickly and with zero hassle. It was essential that we not only developed a banking app that fits snuggly into students' pockets but also fits into their lives.

“Zypsy helped bring our product to life through their expertise, from strategic branding to carrying out the UI/UX. We also received support finding talent — allowing us to proceed with development without delay. I look forward to continuing our collaboration with Zypsy to achieve our mission of helping students financially.”

Kenji Niwa