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ModernFi is an end-to-end deposit marketplace which seamlessly connects banks with excess deposits to banks with funding needs.
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Paolo Bertolotti
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Adam DeVita
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Founding story

ModernFi was founded by Paolo Bertolotti and Adam DeVita as a better alternative to the traditional deposit network, with the aim of improving how banks manage their deposit base. Healthy bank balance sheets translate to more home loans, emerging businesses, passive income, and financial independence for millions of Americans. Empowering banks through technology, ModernFi paves the way for a more stable and inclusive financial system.
Company's outdoor adversting
Image of a phone with company site on the screenImage of a phone with company site on the screen

The challenge

Working in close collaboration with ModernFi’s two founders, Zypsy was tasked with the challenge of building an identity that could embody the sophistication of ModernFi’s technology, while adhering to the legacy systems of the financial sector. Simply put, ModernFi needed to position themselves as innovative, yet not entirely disruptive to be able build trust with bank executives.

The solution

After redefining the brand vision and strategy, Zypsy crafted ModernFi’s new identity around “advanced simplicity” - each asset embodies their central value proposition: putting technology at the service of better connection and seamless operational efficiency. The new brand logo represents the balance and harmony achieved as a result.
Company brand logo
Image of a phone with company site on the screenImage of a phone with company site on the screen
Zypsy’s approach to the product design echoes these central brand principles, with a user experience centered on simplicity and clarity.
A combination of simple typeface, clean layout and ample white space were employed to make the solution seamless and easy-to-navigate.

"Zypsy has been an incredible partner. They were able to understand the deep complexities of our business and produce impactful copy. The Zypsy team always responds to any request with speed and perfection."

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Adam DeVita