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Momento Serverless Cache automatically optimizes, scales, and manages caches for customers. Unlike other caching services, Momento abstracts away all the complexity involved in caching, enabling businesses to focus on their objectives and move at greater velocity. Momento is the first serverless caching service to remove the need for companies of any size to manage and maintain their caches.
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Khawaja Shams
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Daniela Miao
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Founding story

Co-founders Khawaja Shams and Daniela Miao founded Momento to deliver a service that would cut out the complexity and pain involved in caching. Their vision is to enable developers to write reliable and powerful apps faster than ever thought possible. They want to entirely remove the need to manage caches, so developers can concentrate on doing what they love: developing better products and services, faster.  

Khawaja’s previous roles include VP of Engineering at AWS Elemental, Head of Engineering at NoSQL, and Manager of Data Services at Nasa Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Daniela has previously worked in various roles at Lightstep, including Director of Platform Engineering. Before Lightstep, she worked as a Software Engineer at AWS and, before AWS, as a Database Performance Analyst at IBM.
A cell phone with the website of Nash on the screen
A cell phone with the website of Nash on the screenA cell phone with the website of Nash on the screen
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The challenge

Momento engaged Zypsy to work as a partner in bringing the unique value of their service to life. Working together, we were charged with developing a brand strategy and identity that would expertly and powerfully communicate the brand's purpose and promise. From our earliest engagements, it was clear that Momento wanted their brand to be human, down-to-earth, and to embody their deep-seated desire to improve developers' lives. The Momento team requested that we create fun and playful branding that upended their audience's expectations.

The solution

The logo was developed in close collaboration with the Momento team. We were briefed to deliver a fun and impactful logo that would embody the spirit of the brand via a character or animal. The squirrel was a favorite of the Momento team and provided a strong visual metaphor for describing the nature of their service.
Company Brand logo
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Notebook with company website on the screen
The squirrel naturally became the core theme of the branding. Various colorful graphics, such as leaves and acorns, were created to represent the collection and storage of data. These visuals were interspersed throughout the site, including appearing as parts of icons that accompany descriptions and help clearly communicate features and benefits. To further bring the branding to life, we created a simple and fun animation that activates upon arrival on the homepage, with leaves and other graphics dropping onto the screen and quickly coming together. Additionally, we created a hero animation to demonstrate and prove the fact that it only takes five lines of code to get going with Momento. We also developed a long-form branded video to enable visitors to dig deeper and quickly learn more.
The tone of voice and messaging were crafted to be direct and down-to-earth. Momento is simple and easy to use, so the messaging needed to reflect precisely that.

We developed copy for the website and other brand assets that quickly tell the story of Momento’s benefits and features in a warm and empathetic manner.

Enabling developers to move faster continuously is the heart of Momento’s promise. Critical messaging, such as the tagline “Get Going with Momento”, was conceived to relate the immediate and ongoing value of Momento’s service.