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Nash is an API-based platform for last-mile delivery. The Nash marketplace enables businesses to offer delivery, without needing to build their own fleet or manage logistics. With Nash, customers get access to a network of hundreds of local and national providers and immediately receive quotes for delivery requests based on price, availability, and vehicle type. Businesses can activate same-day delivery for their customers via the Nash platform.
Co-Founder & CEO
Mahmoud Ghulman
Aziz Alghunaim
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Founding story

Dissatisfied by the inefficiency and difficulty inherent in existing delivery, logistical, and operational systems, founders Aziz and Mahmoud embarked on a journey to make it easy for any business to offer delivery and achieve their unique goals.

Nash was born to act as a logistical arm for businesses large and small, helping them to scale quickly, maintain flexibility, and gain greater control over revenue streams and growth.
Notebook with the website of Nash on the screen

The challenge

In building a brand platform and identity for Nash, it was essential that we captured and clearly communicated myriad ways in which they are challenging conventional delivery and logistical systems.

Visually and verbally, we needed to tell their story in a way that clarifies how easy it is to use Nash and how empowering it feels for customers. Like the product, the branding had to be bold, inspiring, and human-centric.

The solution

Representing a continuous and effortless flow of goods and information, the logo is formed of a deconstructed ‘N’. In the negative space between the two separate shapes, another ‘N’ is formed – calling back to the brand name.
Nash logo
Image with a text saying "The most reliable way to organize and manage Delivery"
Two mobiles with the Nash website on the screen
The website design was inspired by two key factors: confidence and connectivity – reflecting the confidence that Nash provides to businesses and the ways it enables them to connect more effectively with their customers.

From above the fold to the footer, the design is an interconnected journey. Illustrative lines guide the reader through each section. Detailed graphics highlight and demonstrate critical aspects of the UI. Active human images run throughout to reinforce Nash’s position as a human-focused solution dedicated to improving the lives of businesses and customers alike.
From a messaging perspective, the copy and tone of voice were crafted to be down-to-earth, warm, and upbeat. Each paragraph not only explains how Nash works and the value it provides but also makes the power and control Nash offers customers abundantly clear.
Screen with Nash services
Nash full website

“Partnering with Zypsy was the smoothest
experience I’ve had working with any design firm of any kind, ever. They far exceeded
my expectations.”

Dwight Churchill
Dwight Churchill
CEO & Co-Founder