Hire without bias. Work with true pseudonymity.




Noxx is the first payroll tool to enable true pseudonymity for talent, without compromising legal compliance or accountability for the legal entities that employ them.

Through Noxx, workers across the globe are being liberated from biases such as sex, age, or race – ensuring that they are judged on talent alone.
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Founding story

Multilayered digital identities are already an important part of everyday life for millions of users, empowering them to escape discrimination and be judged on their merits. But that same freedom hasn’t been possible in the world of work. Companies have been unable to legally hire talent without also asking for sensitive information that can lead to biases.

With Noxx, startup veterans Kiyo Kobayashi & Tomo Imai began a journey to solve this two-fold problem. They set off to deliver a solution that would enable companies to securely and easily hire pseudonymous talent, while also empowering workers.

The challenge

Made possible by web3 technology, Noxx represents a dramatic shift in how companies can hire and how talent can get hired. We were required to develop a visual and verbal brand identity that clearly communicates how Noxx works, while powerfully illustrating the wealth of opportunities Noxx delivers. At its core, Noxx is a human-centric tool with a focus on people and possibilities. Working closely with the Noxx team, we dedicated ourselves to ensuring this key factor was highly apparent at all times.

The solution

Drawing from Noxx’s purpose and mission, the logo was designed to represent the multi-layered identities of pseudonymous workers. A solid, rounded contemporary font was chosen to denote the robust and secure nature of the tool. Our design concept brings together the look and feel of a security and hiring solution with human and web3 imagery. Yellow and black form the primary colors of the branding and reflect the serious purpose of Noxx as a security solution for businesses, while images of people are juxtaposed with those of avatars to highlight the people behind the pseudonyms.
Noxx logo
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Each piece of messaging is crafted to link back to Noxx’s mission and to highlight the solutions they provide. Explanatory copy was developed to take the audience, step by step, through how Noxx works and to detail the possibilities it unlocks. Testimonials were selected to give a platform to pseudonymous workers, so companies can hear the problems they face and learn their wants and needs firsthand.
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“Zypsy helped us not only design but also form our mission and vision. For us, Zypsy is one of our founding members.”

Kiyo Kobayashi
CEO & Co-Founder