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Orange Finance

Orange is an automatic liquidity-management protocol with sophisticated hedging strategies for Uniswap v3 that enables any investor to generate revenues in DEX.
Guarav Misra
Dwight Churchill
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Founding story

Dissatisfied with current options for gaining capital-efficient liquidity, founders OxPower began a mission to help investors at any stage chase real yields in DEX, safely and securely. Orange was born to give every web3 user access to an all-in-one solution to enable them to pursue high returns while hedging their risk.

The challenge

Providing capital-efficient liquidity in DEXs (Decentralized Exchanges) is exceptionally challenging. Before Orange, there was no easy way for any web3 user to manage, optimize, and safeguard their portfolio of tokens. Sophisticated hedging strategies to ensure sustainable yields were reserved for a select few with the monetary means and detailed knowledge necessary to execute them.

Theoretically, it is possible to earn sustainable yields from DEX protocols alone, but doing so requires users to undertake complex additional management, often for little reward. In searching for viable solutions to liquidity provision, protocols have consistently offered gains in one key area at the expense of another. Uniswap V2 offers a friendly liquidity experience to every user, but to the detriment of capital efficiency, while Uniswap V3 achieved capital-efficient liquidity for any asset at the expense of retail friendliness.
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In response to the difficulties of providing liquidity on Uniswap V3, Orange is helping investors at all levels access revenue opportunities in DEX, while protecting their funds with hedging. With Orange’s all-in-one solution, the complex work to achieve capital-efficient liquidity is handled on the user's behalf, while providing high APR for liquidity providers. Adjusting Delta during upwards and downwards trends, setting optimal range and fee tiers to alter volatility, and automatically rebalancing and compounding accrued fees — can be achieved easily and securely.

Orange engaged with Zypsy as a partner to design a product that would match their service's quality and ease of use and to develop their brand strategy and platform.

The solution

Our team needed to create design systems to mirror Orange’s ease of use and to aid users on their journeys. In designing the product, we utilized bright and clear illustrations aligned with educational copy to communicate essential information, such as product features and risk-reward ratios.

Orange’s UX was designed to be streamlined and fast — from connecting your wallet, to buying tokens, to confirming your trade. Users are provided with additional information and helpful tips with each interaction. Features, such as a Performance Overview, provide users with complete visibility of the status of their portfolio to ensure transparency and control.
Orange logo
Image showing Orange Finance features
From a communication perspective, our key challenge was to distill the complex mechanics behind Orange into an easy-to-understand narrative for all web3 users.

For the landing page, illustrations were again aligned with copy to educate the reader as to Orange’s key features and benefits. A comforting and confident tone of voice was crafted to reflect Orange’s understanding of the problems web3 users face, and to communicate the ways in which Orange helps them overcome them. In addition to the messaging developed for the website, Zypsy is continually creating and distributing ads for Orange — each one bold in style and clearly presenting a product benefit or development.
Three cards showing Orange products
Mobile with the Orange Finance App icon on screen
In designing the logo, the team drew inspiration from the brand name. Simple but elegant, a circle was adapted with one quarter reversed to form the appearance of an orange with a stem. In the larger format, the logo is set upon an orange circle to striking effect.
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“Partnering with Zypsy was the smoothest experience I’ve had working with any design firm of any kind, ever. They far exceeded my expectations.”

Dwight Churchill
CEO & Co-Founder
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