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PHI city illustration on pixel format




Created using ENS domains and proven wallet activity, PHI is the first social metaverse focused on on-chain identity. PHI encourages users to interact with various Web3 protocols, providing positive feedback to the entire crypto ecosystem.

In collaboration with world-famous pixel artists eboy, tatsunobu, and fuzuru, Zypsy worked tirelessly to design a user interface and experience that would bring effective web3 onboarding to life.
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Pixel Artist
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Founding story

Nearly every existing metaverse land project suffers from limitations derived from the preference to sell a finite amount of land to maximize profits. As a direct result, land has become expensive and the metaverse has grown more exclusive and less accessible. PHI’s founding team strongly believes that the metaverse should be open and inclusive.

Together, they set off on a mission to help make the metaverse more accessible and to provide a space where everyone can freely express their on-chain activity. Through gamification, they are delivering a more intuitive and effective Web3 onboarding experience.
Phi Land

The challenge

Working via on-chain activity means that PHI requires users to make wallet transactions, so we needed to ensure that the process was continuously transparent.

In designing the interaction between the wallet transaction and the application, we were required to take great care to make sure that every step of the process was clearly communicated to users. Knowing what’s going on in a wallet is difficult. We needed to develop a means of delivering wallet information to the application in a way that is easy for anyone to understand. Thinking beyond the wallet translation, we set about creating simple guidelines to provide clear directions to users regarding what’s next and how to get started on their PHI adventure.
Phi LandPhi Land

The solution

Initially proposing a retro-styled OS and game-like visual design, we eventually arrived at a minimal and highly-playful style that compliments the pixel art – the starring character of PHI. A lot of fun and a little old school, the font was created to deepen the app’s game-like aesthetic and feel. The icons are also created using pixel art to ensure that the fun of PHI’s world continues throughout the product. In developing the visual design, we drew from Japanese painting techniques as a reference and means to transition between scenes. The distinctive clouds we created form an impactful example of our thinking in action.

By working in close collaboration with the PHI team, we were able to deliver a solution that reflects the passion held by web3 communities and that enables users to express themselves in a visually vibrant fashion.
Phi Land

The impact

Despite only being a test net launch, 10,000 PHI lands were created within one week and 20,000 within a month. GR15 Gitcoin has successfully raised over $67,000 from 13,000 users. PHI has already garnered a large number of fans and users from across the globe, evidenced by the activity of our community members, our user survey completed by 4,000 respondents, and many requests for new features.
Phi Land

“Amazing backers for web3 startups, Zypsy has worked alongside our founding team from the beginning – even before product development. Their dedicated support has made the speed of our hypothesis testing exceptionally fast, and they have become an indispensable partner in realizing our ambitious vision.”

Co-founder/ Principal