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Zylon is a private, intuitive AI collaborator that understands your business and empowers teams. Capable of proactively executing tasks, collaborating with employees, and bringing new expertise to any project, Zylon delivers the power of AI, removing the need for technical or prompt engineering skills.
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Co-founder / CEO
Iván Martínez Toro
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Co-founder / CPTO
Daniel Gallego Vico

Founding story

Co-founders Iván Martínez Toro and Daniel Gallego Vico founded Zylon with the mission of helping users and companies leverage the power of AI, while giving them full privacy and control over their data.

Zylon is built over PrivateGPT — a popular, open-source project that leverages the power of Generative AI in a 100% safe and secure environment. PrivateGPT enables users to interact with private documents and heterogeneous data sources, while ensuring that the data never leaves the company environment.

Through Zylon, the team is putting the power of AI at the service of human potential and better workplaces.
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Zylon website on a notebook screen

The challenge

In partnering with Zypsy, Zylon sought the strategic and design expertise required to bring their brand vision to fruition. We were to create a unique identity that would extoll the benefits of their products while positioning them as the most impactful and secure AI on the market. Core to the challenge was communicating their story of transforming workplaces, ease of use and top-grade security.
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The solution

Unlike other AI tools on the market, Zylon is simple to grasp and does not require technical or prompt engineering skills. Anyone can learn and work with Zylon. Any business can benefit from its ability to proactively execute tasks, enhance collaboration and bring new expertise to any project. Through collaborative sessions with the founders, we arrived at Zylon’s positioning: “The AI collaborator for every workplace”.

Working together with the Zylon team, Zypsy developed and delivered a brand strategy and visual and verbal identity that captures the power of Zylon. Through each branded communication, we tell the story of Zylon’s mission to augment workforces, foster innovation and enable better collaboration, while ensuring 100% safety and privacy of data.

From space to the workplace

The logo and logo mark were born from the sci-fi iconography and programs that were creative inspiration to the founders growing up, and still to this day. Bold, angular type carries a futuristic quality, as Zylon represents the future of private AIs and the workplace.

Our design team embedded the concepts of privacy, security and collaboration by transforming the letter “O” into an open loop — simultaneously presenting notions of connectivity and protection.
Company Brand logo
Zylon website on an iphone screen

“Zylon is reshaping the way LLMs are leveraged in the workplace, and  being part of their journey has been exceptional. Branding Zylon was all  about personifying the product—bringing it to life and then inviting the user to imagine its endless possibilities.”

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Trisha Mitra
Director of Brand Strategy
Brand Strategy

Unlocking the potential of generative AI

Centered on the concept of “The AI collaborator for every workplace”, our team developed the foundational elements of the Zylon brand, from mission, vision and positioning statements to unique brand values.
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Visual identity

Bringing color to collaboration

To present the fun and friendly nature of working with Zylon, our team developed a punchy and colorful design system. Three-dimensionally rendered graphics and animations of rich pastels tell the story of how Zylon works and what it can bring to any team. Playful animations are used to demonstrate workflows and bring life to the website, inviting visitors to sign up and experience the joy of working with Zylon for themselves.

The logo mark is used continuously within the site to create a visual throughline that recalls the brand, while presenting various facets of Zylon’s functions and benefits.
Zylon website on a notebook screen
Verbal identity

Humanizing AI

A tone of voice that is simple, friendly and warm was crafted for Zylon’s verbal communications, conveying the brand’s helpful and positive nature — like an inspiring co-worker who offers guidance at every turn. Key messaging relating to ease of use, heightened collaboration and providing new expertise was developed for each of the brand’s audiences, from startups to enterprises.

Throughout the website, our team delivered copy that succinctly and simply tells the story of workplace transformation enabled by AI, while clearly outlining the features and benefits that makes Zylon stand out from the crowd.

Working with Zypsy has been a magical experience. I’m very passionate about our vision, and Zypsy exceeded even my own imagination for the evolution of our brand. Zypsy went above and beyond not only in visual design, but in the architecture of the complex information we’re aiming to convey. In addition, the execution and delivery timeline was flawless.

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Brandon Thorpe
Co-founder / CEO